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DIN 1629 Seamless Steel pipe Of Non Alloys Steels

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 DIN 1629 Seamless Steel pipe Of Non Alloys Steels Seamless Steel Tube

DIN 1629 Seamless Steel pipe Of Non Alloys Steels

DIN 1629 Seamless Steel pipe Of Non Alloys Steels are made of unalloyed steels, it's main grades are St 37.0, St44.0, St52.0, Din 1629 seamless steel pipes application fields are: chemical plant, vessels, pipework construction and for common mechanical engineering purposes. Normally DIN 1629 standard are manufactured with no limiting working pressure values. Working temperature is limited below 300℃.

Chemical composition:

Steel GradeType of deoxidization
(R, killed (including semi-killed)) (RR,fully killed)
Chemical Composition, % by mass
SymbolMaterial NumberCPSN¹)Addition of nitrogen fixing elements
(e.g.not less than 0,020% Al total

Mechanical properties:

Steel GradeUpper Yield Stress ReH
for wall thickness, in mm,
Tensile strength
Elongation(%) A5
SymbolMaterial Numberup to 16over 16 up to 40over 40 up to 65LongitudinalTransverse
St 37.01.0254235225216350²) to 4802523
St 44.01.0256275¹)265¹)255¹)420²) to 5502119
St 52.01.0421355345335500²) to 6502119
¹) For cold f inished tube in the NBK condition (annealed above the upper transformation point under shielding gas or in a vacuum), minimum values of yield stress lower than these valued by 20N/mm² are permitted.
²) For cold finished tubes in the NBK condition, minimum values of tensile strength lower than these values by 10N/mm² are permitted.

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